Do you want:

More Clients

More Clicks

More Sales

More Cash

…all without having to hire a designer or copywriter to get the job done?

Great, then you’re in the right place.

With Brandgasm 101, you'll learn how to:

  • Design like a professional (without being one)
  • Write magnetic copy (that actually sells)
  • And make your marketing materials do their one and only job: SELL

The best part? This kit is geared specifically toward beginners. So even if you can't come up with a compelling tagline and can't design outside of MS Paint, don't worry - with Brandgasm 101, your brand is in excellent hands!



A fun, straight-to-the-point, easy-to-follow online design + copywriting kit for entrepreneurs and bloggers who need their websites, digital products, social media presence, and marketing materials to look and sound pro – without having to hire a pro.

On the design side:

You’ll learn how to make things like custom product badges that stand out; fancy “buy now” buttons that beg to be clicked; Twitter backgrounds that look pro; web banners so you get taken seriously; PDFs that enhance your authority; blog headers that instantly grab their attention (and their respect)…and more.

On the copywriting side:

You’ll learn how to develop teaser copy that tempts, taglines that enchant, sales pages that sell, names that get noticed, headlines that get read, social media profiles that get clicked, elevator pitches that get attention, and how to get your copy – no matter what type it is – to COMPEL.

Ultimately you might have the best design in the world, but if your copy falls flat, it’s not going to sell. And vice versa.

The 1, 2, Brandgasm approach, however, will hold your hand through simple, actionable lessons to produce the things you need, when you need ‘em, on the fly. Not just tutorials, but clear, easy-to-grasp concepts that will help you tap into your brand in a way that only professional designers and copywriters have done in the past. It’s time, now, to take control over your brand.

And, the best part?

You don’t even need to be creative. Just learn the basics and you’ll be surprised by what you can do.



TMFproject is led by Ash Ambirge, the go-to copywriter + online marketing sexpot for businesses + brands who want PERSONALITY. (Oh, and money. Money is nice.) Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for her marketing shenanigans, to writing for celebrities like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and the Demi + Ashton Foundation, she gets around. She’s also served as Director of PR for everyone’s favorite email marketing company, AWeber, and takes pride in having once written the world’s most shameless Seinfeld teaser commercials for the FOX Network.

Shatterboxx, led by Designer and Founder Jamie Varon, is a boutique web design firm specializing in design and branding for fantastic businesses and bloggers. With a focus on hitting the sweet spot between professionalism and tons of personality, the Shatterboxx family of clients includes national retailers (like Bed Bath & Beyond), travel bloggers, online parenting magazines, blogging conferences, authors, coaches, musicians, and more. In addition to design, Jamie is also a self-proclaimed expert in binge-watching TV shows and Googling the world's prettiest apartments.


What will this do for my business?

In this kit, Brandgasm 101 will:

  • save you money (because you won't have to hire a designer or copywriter)
  • save you time (because you won't have to wait until a hired pro can fit you into his or her busy schedule)
  • eliminate stress (because you won't be restricted to a certain number of revisions for every header, badge, and button you need to create)
  • increase confidence (because you'll know you can meet all of your own needs)
  • increase sales (because you'll look and sound like a pro)
  • give you complete control over your business and brand, for life


Once you purchase, you'll be given a password to a page where you can download the following materials at once (or at your own pace):

  • Prep materials to help you get started
  • All seven sections of materials
  • Bonus #1: recordings of the six Q&A calls we had during the live course
  • Bonus #2: recording of the live Photoshop webinar that was hosted by Jamie & Ash

For each of the seven sections, you’ll download about 2 hours worth of material that you can work through at your own pace. We understand how busy you are, and that your time is precious, so instead of requiring you to show up for lengthy, live training sessions, you can expect to only receive exactly what you'll need to take control of your own brand for good. Kit materials will include: screencasts, cheat sheets, tutorials, and PDFs (all of which you can download for lifetime access) that will be simple to understand and easy to integrate into your business right away.


Sections 1 + 2: How To Master The Essentials of Design & Copywriting

The non-negotiable, must-know essentials of compelling design and copy. Because you wouldn’t shoot a gun without at least knowing the basics. Same same.

On The Design Side:

  • Jamie's personal design philosophy
  • The 6 essential, master-these-and-you-are-really-truly-good-to-go elements of design
  • 5 must-know design tips that'll improve your work tenfold
  • No-fail approach to creating your own color scheme
  • How to find the right colors for your brand
  • Quick & Dirty Guide to Color infographic
  • Typography 101: Crash course in how to use the best typography (hint: Times New Roman won’t cut it)
  • How to use white space to make your design go from amateur-hour to pro
  • Why balance matters and how to use it to your benefit. (Remember: there’s beauty in symmetry!)
  • What designers mean when they say “clean lines” and other jargon-y terms you can understand and use to sound really smart
  • What natural edges are and how to use them for big impact

On The Copy Side:

  • The critical importance of compelling copy - what’s all the hoopdelah? Can’t I just write from the heart? (The answer: No.)
  • Good copy versus bad copy - and how to instantly recognize it (so you can learn and never make those same mistakes) (This, by the way, is a curse - you will never look at copy the same again.)
  • The non-negotiable, single most important thing that will transform your copy more than anything else – and my own repeatable, step-by-step formula for mastering it
  • The actual broken-down mechanics of compelling copy - you’ve learned how to identify it, but what actually makes it good?
  • How to use each element and apply it to any context, topic or industry to enhance your image, connect with your customers, and sell MORE

Section 3: How To Make An Amazing First Impression

Website headers, naming things, and impactful taglines. They’re the first thing people see, and they’ve got to make an impression. You want to be taken seriously? Give people a reason to take you seriously.

On The Design Side:

  • Use the above essentials of gorgeous design to make impactful, professional headers
  • Header layout and examples to help you get a head start
  • Learn how to accentuate your tagline, rather than leave it untouched and discarded
  • A no-holds-barred behind the scenes look at Jamie's thought process when creating headers
  • Screencast with step-by-step instruction on how to create beautiful drop shadows, bevels, and letterpress text
  • A texture file that includes hundreds of patterns to add detail to your designs
  • Photoshop template to help you get started making those ribbons you've seen everywhere, plus a screencast to help you use them!
  • A big pack of custom shapes plus how to use them in your designs

On The Copy Side:

  • What makes for a memorable name?
  • Name brainstorming 101 - there is a trick to this, you know - and how to end up with at least 20 solid blog, business, service or product names (you won’t know which one to pick) (that’s a good thing!)
  • Why taglines are a non-negotiable piece of your marketing
  • And tagline writing 101 - How to write one that will instantly have our ideal prospects wanting more.

Section 4: How To Create a Sales Page That SELLS

From designing the DIY sales page elements – think buy now buttons, product badges, headlines, subheadlines, section dividers, testimonial boxes and more – all the way down to crafting sales page copy – from headlines to drool-worthy bullet points to calls-to-action and more, this week we’re teaching you how to get more sales. Period.

On The Design Side:

  • Learn how to use bevels, strokes, gradients, and drop shadows to transform a button from a flat, boring rectangle into one that demands to be clicked!
  • How to create amazing headline structures with only a few simple steps
  • Learn how to properly use headlines, subheadlines, and section dividers to provide easy scanning to your sales page
  • Create amazing, custom testimonial boxes. (Hint: the ones from the Photoshop shapes are done and done again.)
  • A no-holds-barred behind the scenes look at Jamie's thought process when creating the branding & sales page for Brandgasm 101
  • Includes templates!

On The Copy Side:

  • A play by play of the most important copy elements your sales page has to have - and in what order to write them to make your job easier, make your copy stronger, and actually enjoy the process
  • The #1 thing you need to know about sales page copy before you write anything
  • Headlines - you know they’re important, but you cringe just thinking about them. We'll show you a formula for making headline writing WAY, WAY easier - and still come out with better headlines than anyone around. Fact.
  • The other elements of your sales page - what you need to get the job done. (With job being defined as converting the prospect into a customer – whether they pick up the phone, push a button, email you or do something else.)

Section 5: How To Build A Cohesive Brand

Making PDFs, business cards, and all other marketing materials look (and sound) pro. From eBook covers and keeping brand cohesiveness with your designs, to writing hooks and the most tempting of teaser copy, nothing about you will be plain Jane – or John – ever again.

On The Design Side:

  • Learn how to properly utilize the space on a business card to say what needs to be said without being cluttered
  • Learn the basics of product badges with an easy-to-follow screencast
  • Create headers for your documents that will look professional and catchy
  • Create covers that will have people clamoring to read your eBook
  • Use your cohesive brand to add a personal touch to every single document you send out
  • Includes templates!

On The Copy Side:

  • What teaser copy is and when you need it
  • The secrets to coming up with a catchy hook that will not only get their attention, but elevate what you’re selling, make it feel fresh, and cause insta-desire
  • The step-by-step, plug-n-play process for taking the hook idea, and turning it onto a paragraph of teaser copy that you can use to promote yourself everywhere
  • How to write and deliver an attention-grabbing elevator pitch

Section 6: How To Leverage Social Media

Designing professional-looking Twitter backgrounds and Facebook cover images, and learning how to write effective profiles (read: ones that get clicked, and lead to more business) and social media updates. Let’s get ‘em talking.

On The Design Side:

  • How to create a cohesive brand across all your channels
  • How to make a unique and interesting Twitter background that demands followers the second they get to your page
  • How to create a Facebook cover image that isn’t cut off by that pesky avatar and says everything people need to know about what you’re about
  • How to create those beautiful custom social icons
  • Includes templates!

On The Copy Side:

  • How to come up with just the right ingredients for being compelling with a few short words and sentences.
  • The one thing you should never say on your social media profiles
  • The one thing you must say if you want to get followers
  • Putting it all together + knocking it out of the park

BONUS SECTION: Brandgasm 101 Grab Bag!

On The Design Side:

  • Screencast tutorial on how to add color filters to images and make them pop!
  • How to create those clever Pinterest-style quotes and get your social sharing on
  • Add a little bang to your website by creating a great favicon and give people a sneak of who you are before they've even landed on your website

On The Copy Side:

  • Forget "finding your voice" – learn how to effortlessly tap into the one that's already there, attract the right people to your work, and then stop worrying so damn much (and focus on business, instead)
  • Learn the insider's trick to get people to actually enter their email address and OPT-IN – without uttering the word "newsletter" once. (Or ever, for that matter.)
  • The fine art of writing your home page copy - and what you should be writing, instead (hint: It's not about you.)
  • How to write an About Page (the most widely read page on any website) that gets people to instantly say, "Yes, THIS is exactly what I was looking for." And if they weren't looking for it? How to ensure they'll want a piece of you anyway.
  • And last but not least, how to write a Service Offerings page that gets people to BUY with just a handful of words. Listing out "Option 1, Option 2, Option 3" and prices is not doing you any favors. This is more psychological than you think.

Participation Options

What happens after I purchase?

  1. You'll be taken to a screen that confirms your purchase and will give you instructions on how to download your materials.
  2. You'll promptly receive your registration welcome email that will reiterate your instructions.
  3. You'll kill it at making your brand memorable and awesome!

Self-Study Kit

  • Lifetime access to all 7 sections of the self-study, learn at your own pace, Brandgasm 101 kit
  • A big pack of easy-to-use, can't-find-em-anywhere-else design templates to make creating explosively gorgeous things that
    much easier
  • Cheat-sheets which you'll refer to again and again while you're building your powerhouse brand
  • Access to a closed Facebook group where you can share your work and receive design/copy critiques from your peers
  • Bonus #1: Access to the six light 'n loose ask-anything conference calls that were recorded during the live class
  • Bonus #2: Access to the previously-recorded ask-anything Photoshop webinar where Jamie went over the basics of Photoshop + much more!

Still Hesitating?

We know this costs more than a cup of coffee. But we also know this will pay for itself – and then some – with a dramatic increase in sales, customers, and clients.

The bottom line is that, in order to be taken seriously and to see the results you want and deserve with your business, you need to look and sound like a pro. That either means hiring a designer and copywriter every single time you need to launch a product, create a contract, or anything in between - or it means you need to invest in yourself and learn the DIY approach so that you can take control of your own brand, for good.

When it comes to truly building your brand, you have a couple options:

Option 1: Hire a designer & copywriter

$6,000+ for a one-time service

Option 2: Learn how to do it yourself the easy way from Brandgasm 101!

Just $199 to learn the DIY secrets to design and copywriting that will let you create exactly what you want, when you want it, forever. (includes the sharpest personal insights, knowledge, tricks, and industry secrets on design, copywriting and branding from two industry leaders who charge upwards of $150 per hour for consulting alone)


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